NAVIREX – Mario Grasso Design plans and sells Software for the calculation of the loading conditions for various kinds of ships: passengers, ro-ro pax, container ships, general cargo, bulk carrier, tanker, chemical tanker, gas tanker.

After more than twenty years of experience acquired from NAVIREX S.r.l. in the field of the calculation of Loading Computer Systems that brought his Software ''WinShelab'' and ''DamStab" (designated to the calculation of longitudinal strength, intact stability and in damage stability to be installed on more than 200 ships, NAVIREX – Mario Grasso Design since 2014 sells a new Software named LCS Navirex.

This program calculates:

- Longitudinal Strength

- Intact stability

- Damage Stability, as required by the Regulations.

The Program LCS Navirex allows also (only upon request) the immediate calculation of what has been described above with the on-line option, which allows to read the actual load in the tanks by notifing with capacitive and radar reading systems.